To ensure the vehicle is operating well and durable with time, your vehicle must be maintained regularly according to the standards of the manufacturer. From there, in order to serve Isuzu customers the best, to create peace of mind while operating and using the vehicle. Isuzu Vietnam brings you the Customer Care program.
Main contents of program:
When buying Isuzu vehicles, customers receive favors for periodic vehicle maintenance (Customer Care Sheet):
* Free maintenance (100%)
* 50% discount on maintenance spare parts (Retail price)
These two favors will be applied correspondingly to the content of work depending on each maintenance cycle.
Scope of application:
* Apply at all service workshops of Isuzu Vietnam dealers
* Customer Care sheet is not converted into cash or spare parts – materials.
– Spare parts and materials are requested replacement in maintenance period includes:
A: Engine oil B: Oil filter C: Fuel filter D: Air cleaner element (inside) E: Air cleaner element (outside) F: Air dryer M: Free maintenance
The schedule is as follows:

Model D-Max & mu-X (Expiry 90,000 km or 3 years)

20,000 A;B;M
40,000 A;B;C;D;M
60,000 A;B;M
80,000 A;B;C;D;M

Model QKR Euro 4 (Expiry 120,000 km or 2 years)

10,000 A;B;M
20,000 A;B;C;M
30,000 A;B;M
40,000 A;B;C;D;M
50,000 A;B;M
60,000 A;B;C;M
70,000 A;B;M
80,000 A;B;C;D;M
90,000 A;B;M
100,000 A;B;C;M
110,000 A;B;M
120,000 A;B;C;D;M

Model N-series & F-series (Expiry 180,000 km or 3 years)

20,000 A;B;C;M
40,000 A;B;C;D;M
60,000 A;B;C;D;M
80,000 A;B;C;M
100,000 A;B;C;M
120,000 A;B;C;D;M
140,000 A;B;C;M
160,000 A;B;C;D;M
180,000 A;B;C;M

Model FVR-FVM-FVZ (Expiry 270,000 km or 3 years)

20,000 A;B;C;M
40,000 A;B;C;M
60,000 A;B;C;D;E;M
80,000 A;B;C;M
100,000 A;B;C;F;M
120,000 A;B;C;D;E;M
140,000 A;B;C;M
160,000 A;B;C;M
180,000 A;B;C;D;E;M
200,000 A;B;C;D;E;F;M
220,000 A;B;C;M
240,000 A;B;C;D;E;M
260,000 A;B;C;M

Model GVR EXR, EXZ (Expiry 300,000 km or 3 years)

20,000 A;B;M
40,000 A;B;C;D;M
60,000 A;B;M
80,000 A;B;C;D;M
100,000 A;B;F;M
120,000 A;B;C;D;M
140,000 A;B;M
160,000 A;B;C;D
180,000 A;B;M
200,000 A;B;C;D;F;M
220,000 A;B;M
240,000 A;B;C;D;M
260,000 A;B;M
280,000 A;B;C;D;M
300,000 A;B;F;M



Model Duration Mileage
GVR/EXR/EXZ 36 MONTHS 100.000 Km


The battery, horn installed by IVC is warranted for 6 months or 10.000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of the Warranty Registration Form to the first buyer.
Cases of battery explosion, cracking, damage due to dryness of the solution will not be warranted.
Any errors in the original paint of the Isuzu vehicle painted by IVC, originating from the defects of the materials or the assembly process, will be warranted for 12 months or 20,000 km depending, whichever occurs first, from the date of the Warranty Registration Form to the first buyer.
The warranty period for the rear body is recognized since delivering the vehicle to the buyer for first use.
For the body which manufactured or supplied by IVC, the warranty period is 12 months.
For high-class body (Q-BOX+), the warranty period is 36 months.
Additional equipment such as CD, DVD, air conditioner, accessories such as rear body lock, monitor, reverse sensors, reversing camera, etc…installed by Isuzu Vietnam is warranted for the12 months or 20.000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of the Warranty Registration Card
to the first buyer.


Car tires and tires: The original tires and inner tires mounted on new vehicles will be warranted by the tire manufacturer under its own policy
Damage or accident due to collision, misuse of regulations, arbitrary change of structure
Damaged due to lack of maintenance or the use of wrong materials, oils and fuels
Damage caused by overloading, improper installation of vehicles and other problems
Damage and fire caused by arbitrarily installing electrical equipment such as lights, horns, air conditioners, etc., make the car’s power system overloaded.
Natural wear and tear, reduce the value according to the time on the vehicle due to the use process or because the customer has left the car for a long time to preserve it.


Authorized Dealers, Workshop should recommend to the customer to maintain the inspection and maintenance of the vehicle at the repair station authorized by Isuzu Vietnam after the warranty period ends, because it is the Dealers who understands the vehicle of the most customers, there should be precise and fast handling actions as well as ensuring the quality and technical requirements.



1. FRR - Owner Manual Download PDF

2. FVR-FVM Owner Manual Download PDF

3. N Series - Owner Manual Download PDF

4. Q-Series Owner Manual Download PDF


Useful Information

How to use The Exhaust Brake Switch on N-Series


To apply the exhaust brake switch while driving, pull the lever backward
The exhaust brake indicator light comes on. To disengage the exhaust brake, press the accelerator pedal or the clutch
pedal. Releasing the pedal reengages the exhaust brake.


Exhaust brake indicator light

To apply the exhaust brake switch while driving, pull the lever backward
The exhaust brake indicator light comes on. To disengage the exhaust brake, press the accelerator pedal or the clutch
pedal. Releasing the pedal reengages the exhaust brake.


It is dangerous to put the exhaust brake on a slippery road (when the road is wet, frozen or covered with thick snow), because the wheels may slip.


If a warning buzzer sounds when the exhaust brake is in operation, promptly pull the vehicle over safely and contact the nearest Isuzu Dealer for inspection.
Even if the gearshift lever is placed in the “N” position, the exhaust brake does not disengage until the engine is warmed up if the warm-up system is on.

Conditions for Inoperable Exhaust Brake

Under the following conditions, the exhaust brake does not engage even if the exhaust brake indicator light comes on.
> The accelerator pedal or the clutch pedal is pressed.
> The gearshift lever is in the “N” position.
> The vehicle is traveling at 5 km/h (3 MPH) or lower speeds.


If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS), the exhaust brake may disengage during ABS operation even when the exhaust brake switch is in the “ON” position and the exhaust brake indicator light is on. The exhaust brake may disengage temporarily as the vehicle passes over a bump even when the brake pedal is not depressed. It is advisable to operate the exhaust brake when descending a slope or when stop-and-go driving is involved.


Instructions for using Power take off Download

Method of daily vehicle inspection handbook Download


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    How much is the basic warranty period for Euro 4 trucks? Is this warranty period different in Isuzu models?

    The basic warranty period of Isuzu truck is 3 years or 100,000km, whichever comes first. Warranty period & warranty policy is applied for all Isuzu trucks.

    Please tell me the position of the VIN number - the Engine No. on Isuzu vehicle? What are these uses in vehicle maintenance and repair?

    Please refer to the instructions on how to find the VIN number – the Engine No. on the Isuzu models here

    Please provide the chassis number (VIN Number) when you need to maintain or repair the vehicle or purchase spare parts. The provision of the chassis number will help Isuzu dealers search the exact technical information of vehicles and spare parts corresponding to the vehicle.

    Why do Euro 4 vehicles have a change in maintenance cycle recommendations compared to Euro 2 vehicles, as well as different from other brands?

    The systems on Isuzu vehicles are always improved every year to increase quality & durability. For Euro 4 vehicles, there are many modified and upgraded systems to increase durability and minimize maintenance requirements. Based on these upgrades, Isuzu Japan has tested and changed the maintenance cycle other than the previous Euro 2 vehicles. The longer maintenance cycle changes will help customers reduce costs as well as maintenance time while ensuring vehicle quality.

    When buying vehicle, customers are given Customer Care coupons. What are the benefits and how are these coupons used?

    For the purpose of gratifying customers & encouraging customers to use genuine services, when buying a vehicle, customers will receive Customer Care coupons. The number of coupons from 9-15 votes with 2-3 years of use (depending on the model). Customers will be free of maintenance and reduced engine oil price + maintenance parts corresponding to the specified cycles on the coupon. Coupon is valid for use when customers bring their vehicle to check-maintenance-repair at authorized Isuzu dealers nationwide or customers buy genuine parts from Isuzu dealer.

    How much is the fuel consumption norm of Isuzu vehicles? Is there any way to check the actual fuel consumption on the vehicle?

    Actual fuel consumption on vehicles will be different due to many light or heavy load factors, clear or jammed roads, whether or not going downhill and driving techniques will also affect to fuel consumption. For Isuzu Euro 4 vehicles using Common Rail technology, Isuzu dealers can extract vehicle engine operation data, thus accurately calculating fuel consumption as well as vehicle operating status

    Currently there are 2 Isuzu dealer systems, i-TRUCKS and D-Square, please tell me which truck maintenance can be done at the dealer system?

    For the purpose of developing the system of commercial vehicles & passenger cars; Isuzu Vietnam is oriented and established 2 separate dealer systems.
    I-TRUCKS dealer system specializes in selling vehicles & providing after-sales service for commercial vehicles (trucks Q series – N series – F series – tractor trucks)
    D-Square dealer system specializes in selling vehicles & providing after-sales service for passenger cars (D-Max and mu-X models)
    Therefore, for truck repair and maintenance, please bring your car to i-TRUCKS dealers for best support & care.

    When there is a problem on the vehicle, is it compulsory to bring the dealer which buy vehicle to get a warranty policy?

    You can go to any nearest Isuzu dealer for inspection – repair – warranty. The warranty policy is not required to go to the dealer sold vehicle to customers

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