Vietnam’s economy is expected to grow strongly, especially with the boom in e-commerce. This has contributed to driving efficient business trends, modernizing distribution systems, and enhancing competitiveness for enterprises. To sustain these activities, businesses need to equip themselves with additional transportation means that meet high economic value requirements, are suitable for diverse types of goods, and comply with stringent regulations on load capacity.

Grasping the changes and demands from the market, Isuzu has officially launched two truck models – Isuzu FVR-V and FRR-Q, with upgraded super-long bodies and new generation Green Power engines that meet emission standards of Euro 5.

For more than 25 years in Vietnam, all of Isuzu truck product line up has been trusted and appreciated by many generations of customers, with many outstanding advantages: SAFE – DURABLE – FUEL EFFICIENCY – ECO-FRIENDLY.

With the new launch of FVR-V and FRR-Q trucks helps the duo become the perfect transportation solution to meet the needs of businesses, thereby increasing profitability.

Isuzu FVR-V truck with product code FVR34VE5 is Isuzu’s latest product with a super-long wheelbase up to 7m that helps solve the problem of transporting more large and bulky goods for businesses.

1. About dimensions: Isuzu FVR-V allows the rear body up to 10m in length (inner), besides, the capacity is up to 61m3 – which are outstanding advantages of this truck.

2. About exterior: Isuzu FVR-V inherits the sophistication and modernity of the F-Series.

  • The cabin is designed to be highly aerodynamic, helping to reduce air resistance and cool the engine quickly.
  • The cabin can be opened at 45 degrees, making it more convenient when needing repair or maintenance.
  • The vehicle is equipped with synchronous front and rear tires 11.00R20-16PR with a rib pattern, helping the vehicle operate smoothly and have a high loading capacity, so when the vehicle is carrying heavy goods, it can still move well in all terrain conditions.

3. About performance:

  • Isuzu FVR-V is equipped with a Common Rail engine with direct fuel injection and turbo-intercooler, thereby helping the vehicle operate strongly, have great performance, and meet Euro 5 emission standards to comply with the regulations.
  • In addition, Isuzu FVR-V is also fully equipped with a safety system, including a full-air brake. The cabin and chassis use reinforced steel with the best impact resistance, and the exhaust brake system helps the vehicle operate safely when going downhill.

Isuzu FRR-Q with product code FRR90QE5 is a super-long body truck, suitable for many different transportation needs, especially postal, e-commerce, packaging, household appliances, and motorbikes.

1. About dimensions: Isuzu FRR-Q has a super-long rear body length of 7,4m (inner) and capacity up to 45m3 for transport capacity of up to 6 rows of pallets.

2. About exterior:

  • Isuzu FRR-Q has a square cabin design, a newly designed front grille, and a front bumper changed from white to black, increasing muscular and making it look aggressive and sturdy.
  • The vehicle is equipped with dual, wide rearview mirrors arranged at the cabin door, located close to the driver’s eye level, helping the image to be clearer and easier to observe.

3. About interior:

  • Isuzu FRR-Q is comfortably designed, with cabin space up to 1,790mm wide.
  • In addition, the car is equipped with an air suspension seat with a 6-way adjustable industrial leather driver’s seat, a high-end 2-way air conditioner, a large storage compartment on the passenger side, center of instrument panel, and an entertainment system to help the driver feel comfortable throughout the journey.

4. About performance: FRR-Q uses Euro 5 engine with 25% increased torque and 10% increased power. Thanks to that, it improves the ability to accelerate quickly and carry heavy loads, meeting all customers’ transportation needs.

The details of two new F-Series models here: LINK

For further information, please contact the official website of Isuzu Vietnam: LINK or the nearest Isuzu dealer.

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– Isuzu Vietnam – 

5 March, 2024

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