According to latest news, currently there are many ISUZU GIGA tractors head imported from China.In order to provide the accurate information to customers and avoid confusion, ISUZU VIETNAM would like to inform as follows:

  • Currently, ISUZU VIETNAM does NOT assemble and distribute ISUZU GIGA tractor head in Vietnam.
  • The authorized i-Trucks dealer system does NOT provide any warranty, maintenance and repair services for this ISUZU GIGA tractor head. 

By this announcement, ISUZU VIETNAM hopes that customers consider to seeking information about this product to receive the full legitimate benefits that an ISUZU VIETNAM’s customer will have. ISUZU VIETNAM is committed to ensuring the interests of customers when purchasing genuine ISUZU trucks distributed through the authorized i-Trucks dealer system of ISUZU VIETNAM. 


Established on Oct 19th, 1995, ISUZU VIETNAM is a Japan-Vietnam joint venture automotive company specialized in assembling and distributing commercial vehicles and light commercial vehicles including light duty trucks, medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, bus chassis as well as pick-up and SUV.

Currently, ISUZU VIETNAM only distributes commercial vehicle and light commercial vehicle to authorized i-Trucks and D-SQUARE dealer network.

All dealers of ISUZU VIETNAM authorized dealer system are integrated with 3 functions (3S): Sales – high quality sales, Service – repair, warranty and Spare Parts – supply genuine spare parts, in order to provide the most optimal and quick service for customers.

20 January, 2020