On May 12th, 2024, Isuzu Vietnam cooperated with Dealer Isuzu Tay Bac Sai Gon – Hoc Mon and Quyen Auto and successfully organized Eco-drive seminar for Operation Center 3 – Viettel Post in Isuzu Vietnam Auto Care Center, HCMC.

The training program was organized with the participation of 20 drivers and managers of Viettel Post, which has affirmed customers’ practicality and special attention to safety, fuel saving, improving skills & optimizing efficiency of vehicle operation.

Viettel Post drivers and managers attended the seminar

In the opening statement, the representative of Viettel Post – Mr. Hoang Duc Hai expressed his sincere thanks to Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu Tay Bac Sai Gon – Hoc Mon, and Quyen Auto for taking care & organizing the Eco-drive seminar for their company.

According to Mr. Hai, Eco-drive seminar of Isuzu provides not only basic knowledge of vehicle safety & fuel efficiency operation but also process of vehicle daily maintenance – inspection & solving common vehicle failures. Thanks to that, Viettel Post can effectively operate the vehicle.

With a majority of participants being vehicle managers and trainers from company branches in the South of Vietnam, he asked everyone for their attentiveness, studiousness, and openness to acquire knowledge, and skills instructed by Isuzu & Quyen Auto. Thereby, the seminar content will be widely shared, contributing to the common goal of maintaining vehicle well, operating them effectively and increasing benefits for Viettel Post and the community.

Viettel Post representative spoke at the seminar

During the program, under the guidance of Isuzu and Quyen Auto, participants engaged in 04 topics:

  • Instructions on Eco-driving by Isuzu (Theory & practice)
  • Instructions on daily maintenance and inspection of the vehicle from Isuzu (Theory and practice)
  • Instructions on operation & maintenance of special purpose system on freezer body from Quyen Auto (Theory and practice)
  • Vehicle’s Health Report Explanation; Q&A

Accordingly, participants joined in driving practice in two ways: normal driving according to daily practice and eco-driving according to the skills instructed by Isuzu Vietnam. With the implementation of this new method, Isuzu aims to contribute to reducing fuel consumption for the company.

Drivers participated in Eco-drive method training


Isuzu Vietnam and Tay Bac Sai Gon Dealer provided practical instructions on daily vehicle maintenance & inspection methods on Viettel Post vehicles


Quyen Auto instructed the operation and maintenance of special purpose system on freezer body


Trainee practiced the vehicle maintenance & inspection section

At the end of the program, participants received certificates and awards from the organizer.

IVC awarded certificates and souvenirs to individuals attending the program

Isuzu Vietnam hopes that the Eco-drive seminar will play an important role in assisting customers to enhance the efficiency of product utilization. At the same time, the seminar affirms Isuzu Vietnam’s commitment to always accompany customers in every way.

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16 May, 2024

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