LOGITEM VIETNAM has started business in Vietnam 1994 as one of Japanese logistic provider.  It is their 25th year of operation, developing nationwide logistic network.

ISUZU VIETNAM also started operation in Vietnam at almost the same time with LOGITEM VIETNAM, and they are using ISUZU vehicles for more than 20 years.

LOGITEM VIETNAM has purchased 33 units of ISUZU during 2001 ~ 2010 (owns totally 250 units of ISUZU vehicles), still using all 33 until now without engine overhauling, achieving the mileage over 1,000,000 km, even one of the vehicle has achieved 2,000,000 km.

Truck is one of the lifeline for logistic company, and LOGITEM VIETNAM highly evaluates the product performance, durability and fuel consumptions of ISUZU vehicles.

ISUZU VIETNAM honorably presented the memorial gift to LOGITEM to appreciate the long-time patronage with ISUZU products on 1st August 2019.

Left side: Mr. Hirochika Tomiyama, General Director of LOGITEM VIETNAM

Right side: Mr. Hidekazu Noto, General Director of ISUZU VIETNAM

15 August, 2019