In order to well perform fire prevention and fighting in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Fire Prevention & Fighting and improve command coordination on tactics and techniques of firefighting, and rescue among the firefighting forces; Isuzu Vietnam Co., LTD (IVC) has cooperated with the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department, Go Vap District Police to successfully organize a fire prevention and rescue drill on August 30th, 2023.

Overview of the Fire drills

The Fire drills were attended and coordinated by:

  • Representative of the Board Directors and all employees of Isuzu Vietnam Co., LTD
  • Leaders of Ward 8 People’s Committee, Go Vap District
  • Go Vap District Hospital
  • Commanding Board of Fire and Rescue Police Team – District Police
  • Commanding Committee of Traffic Police – Order – District Police
  • Along with other organizations

At the Fire drills, all of IVC’s members were allowed to practice the procedures in the steps of firefighting, escape, first aid, rescue; features, structure, operating principle, operation method, uses of fire prevention and fighting equipment… according to the provisions of the law on fire prevention and fighting.

Fire prevention training activities

Following the IML’s orientation – Sustainable development based on 3 elements of Environment – Social – Governance (ESG perspective), Isuzu provides a safe and comfortable workplace for Isuzu and its employees to develop together. Therefore, this is an annual activity of IVC in order to enhance the knowledge of fire prevention & rescue and improve reflexes as well as skills to respond to emergency situations for all of the employees.

Isuzu Vietnam Co., LTD would like to thank the Fire and Rescue Police Team – District Police and other companies and organizations that participated enthusiastically, contributing to the success of the Fire drills.

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31 August, 2023

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