On October 21st, 2023, Isuzu Vietnam cooperated with Isuzu Dai Thinh Dealer and Hiep Hoa Automobile to successfully organize Daily Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection training for Quang Ngai Urenco.

The program took place with the participation of over 55 drivers, technicians and managers of Quang Ngai Urenco confirming the practicality of the program and their special attention to safety and efficiency while operating the truck.

Speaking at the opening of the program, the General Director of Quang Ngai Urenco – Mr. Bui Van Quang expressed his sincere thanks to Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu Dai Thinh Dealer and Hiep Hoa Automobile for organizing the Daily Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection training for the company’s staff to equip them with operating, maintaining & inspecting knowledge of special purpose vehicles and troubleshooting skills during operation. He believed that they all will contribute to enhancing safety, efficiency and benefits for the company and its employees. With participants who are manager, technical team leader and driver, he expected them to fully aware of these knowledge and widely spread them throughout the company.

Through the seminar, with the guidance of Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu Dai Thinh Dealer and Hiep Hoa Automobile, the trainees participated in 04 main contents as follow:

  • Instructions for method of daily vehicle maintenance & inspection from Isuzu (Theory and practice)
  • Consultation on periodic maintenance cycles for special purpose vehicles using Isuzu F-Series chassis
  • Instructions for daily maintenance & inspection of special purpose system from Hiep Hoa Automobile (Theory and practice)
  • Isuzu Health Report Explanation; Q&A Section

Quang Ngai Urenco’s drivers discussed with Hiep Hoa Automobile about safety and notes when operating a garbage truck in practice section.

At the end of the program, participants received certificates and awards from the organizers.

Speaking at the program, Isuzu Vietnam hopes that Daily Maintenance & Inspection training will contribute to helping customers improve the efficiency of using the product. At the same time, affirming Isuzu Vietnam’s commitment to always accompany customers in every way.

Please directly contact Isuzu Vietnam’s Dealer network nationwide or the following information for support.


26 October, 2023

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