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Question : I using hi-lander street custom AT year 2008.At current , why some nasty smell can come in vehicle while door is closed (


Thank for your interested in Isuzu product

There're some reason for outside smell can come into vehicle

- Vehicle was repaired not well, use not genuine weatherstrip... so the tight is not good

- Use Air Con with outside air source.. it bring new air but also contain some nasty smell from outside into vehicle easily.

For surely reason of your claim, please bring vehicle back Isuzu network dealer for further inspection.

Hope to see you on the road.

Q: Why user need to provide private information for vehicle warranty registration?


A: Isuzu Vietnam Limited Company (IVC) save customer data with strict control system. The customer data provided which is useful for us to complete customer care program better.
E.g: Visit customer and checking vehicle with free-labor, send to thank mail for customers, gift, free service coupon, invite customer to attend events of Isuzu,…

Q: In case of changing vehicle’s owner, does the new user notify IVC’s dealer?


A: Dealers are always encouraged on updating the information of end user for contacting customers more precisely and conveniently. Customers can contact any dealer to notify changing vehicle’s owner. It’s free charge for any procedure.

Q: In case of free-labor maintenance and warranty repairing, does customers must return dealer which they bought vehicle?


A : Customers can come any nearest authorized dealers of Isuzu to get Isuzu’s warranty and maintenance service. All dealers are the same responsibility on executing maintenance and warranty activities, not distinguish Isuzu’s vehicle from other brands.

Q: Why should Isuzu’s vehicle implement for periodic maintenance (as recommendation) in case of less operation?


A : Inspection and maintenance help vehicle always operate well, decrease the maximum of caused breakdown and operation cost. Even if vehicle used irregularly, customers should go for periodic maintenance at Isuzu’s dealers for assuring not have caused breakdown for a long time. Eg: Checking cooling water system, tank voltage, leak of lubricant, grease, fuel system,…

Q. Please let me know the kind & type of lubricant suitable with Isuzu engine?


A : Customers can refer encouraging lubricant content of Isuzu’s vehicle on workshop manual. You can downloaded click here

Q : Please let me know the list of dealers Isuzu nearest my house?


A : Now IVC include 12 dealers in North, Central and South area. If you need more information, please search on the list of dealers Isuzu on this website in here

Q: Where position of VIN – Engine No. on Isuzu’s vehicle?


A : Please refer the instruction of finding VIN – Engine No. of Isuzu’s vehicle click here

Q: Can I buy genuine parts directly from IVC or outside spare parts stores?


A : Isuzu genuine parts are only distributed at Isuzu’s authorized dealers on whole Vietnam. The part’s price and quality are controlled tightly and equal at all dealers. Customers shouldn’t buy new parts in outside stores due to inexplicit origin and unguaranteed quality, lead to breakdown of vehicle…

Q : Is warranty policy (3 years/100.000km) applied for Isuzu’s CBU vehicle from Japan?


A : If vehicle bought or import directly from Isuzu Japan, IVC and Isuzu Japan would cooperate and issue private warranty policy, basing oneself on the agreement of signed contract with Isuzu Japan.

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